Travel Essentials

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my blog!

Tomorrow I’m leaving to go to England, but we have a 7 hour journey in the car and 4 hours on the ferry!

I am really excited but it’ll be a very long and tiring journey so I thought I’d share with you some of my travel essentials!

Travel Essentials ✈️

β€’ Comfy Clothes

Comfy clothes seem pretty obvious but when you’re travelling all day, you don’t want to be stuck in a pair of jeans trust me πŸ˜‚! Which is why I usually wear leggings, a tee-shirt, and an oversized hoodie, because oversized hoodies are the best, most comfiest clothes EVER! It’s like being in a never ending hug!

β€’ Blanket & Pillow

Whether you’re on a boat, on a plane or in a car, sometimes it can get really cold, especially if you’re leaving early in the morning. I always take a blanket with me for warmth, or even just comfort! And the same goes for a pillow or a neck pillow. Also, if you sleep in the car you’ll definitely feel refreshed afterwards.

β€’ Book

I’m one of the few people that I know that doesn’t feel ill when reading in the car. Which comes in handy during long drives! I’ve said it before but reading is really great for passing the time or even falling to sleep. Plus I really do just love reading!

β€’ Phone

Again a pretty obvious one but having an electronic device when travelling is a necessity! I like to read fanfictions (yes I’m one of those people πŸ˜‚), listen to music (one of my personal favourites), listen to podcasts, or write blog posts!

β€’ Headphones

These are great for blocking the sounds of the road or the plane, and personally, I prefer headphones to earphones because I find that when listening music the headphones create an effect like it’s almost “surrounding you”. (I don’t know if that made any sense πŸ˜‚)

β€’ DVD Player and DVD’s

If you are fortunate enough like me to own a DVD player, then I would seriously recommend bringing it. I love watching films and watching them in a really long car journey really passes the time. I usually take at least 1 Harry Potter (obviously πŸ˜‚) and sometimes some of my favourite films when I was younger. Like High School Musical (I used to be obsessed), Hairspray, The Sandlot Kids…

β€’ Water

When travelling you need to stay extra hydrated because you’re hardly moving moving at all! I always make sure to drink a lot when I’m on the road.

β€’ Drink

You can also take a different beverage aswell as water! Lemonade, coke or hot chocolate, tea…

β€’ Snacks

I find snacks an extremely important part in travelling. We normally have crisps, biscuits, sodas, basically a lot of unhealthy stuff. But you can also have carrots and guacamole or carrots and humus!

(Also I just like eating lol πŸ˜‚)

β€’ Lip Balm

You know that uncomfortable moment when you rub your lips and you feel all of the crustiness? Well it’s really horrible, and for that matter I always take some lip balm just in case.

β€’ Sunglasses

Sometimes the sunlight can be really strong and when it shines through the windows it can really damage your eyes. But nothing sunglasses can’t fix!

β€’ Bag

You’ll obvious need something to keep all of these travel essentials safe! It sounds basic but trust me having all of your belongings together in one bag is a lot better that having it everywhere!

And those are my travelling essentials!

Let me know if you have any other travelling essentials and if your going on holiday or have already been on holiday!

Sunflower Out 🌻 x

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